The photograph that shaped a career


Derek Ridgers has been photographing the biggest names in showbiz for more than three decades – but it all began by chance, one night in Finsbury Park, north London.

It was 13 January 1973, when Ridgers walked in to the Rainbow Theatre with a Miranda SLR slung over his shoulder.

At that time, he was working for an advertising agency that wanted him to learn how to use the camera – so, he had been taking it home to practise.

It was the night that changed his life, as on stage walked Eric Clapton along with Steve Winwood, Ron Wood and Pete Townshend, in what became known as the Rainbow Concert.

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Damon Albarn Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend, the Rainbow Theatre, 1973

Ridgers was with his girlfriend, sitting at the back, with a poor view – but once the concert began, he made a move.

“Rather unchivalrously I got up, left Jo-Anne in her seat, ran to the front, hopped over the low wall into the photo pit and pretended to be a photographer,” says Ridgers.

“In those days, there weren’t many photographers at gigs and hardly any security.

“But I was putting myself in between the band and several thousand people.

“All of which could then see me almost as much as they could see the band.

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“I must admit, I felt quite exposed.

“But at the same time, the excitement of being only a few feet away from my musical heroes was quite compelling.”

Ridgers recalls he had only one roll of film and one lens but did what he could – he was hooked.

Eric Clapton Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Run DMC, New York, 1985

From then on, he’d be at gigs, shooting stills of the performers as well other subjects, what he calls “the sort of photographic cliches that many amateurs start with”.

Holborn Studio Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Lita, Soho, London, 1983

It wasn’t long before he started to turn his lens on the audience as much as those on stage. And with the emergence of punk, in 1976, he had a new look to document.

Shane MacGowan Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Debbie and Caroline, Brighton, 1980

“Almost overnight, the audience became more photogenic than the bands,” he says.

Two years later, his portraits were hanging in the Institute of Contemporary Arts, in London.

And by the beginning of the 1980s, Ridgers had left the advertising world and was shooting for publications such as the New Musical Express (NME), The Face, and many of the leading magazines.

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Ridgers’s exhibition, curated by Faye Dowling, can be seen at Artblock, at the Old Truman Brewery, east London, 4-7 October.

the New Musical Express Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Kylie Minogue, Chalk Farm Studio, north London, 1994
Caroline Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Snoop Dogg, Holland Park, west London, 1994
Derek Ridgers Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Skin, Chelsea, 1996
Holborn Studio Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Johnny Depp and Shane MacGowan, Holborn Studios, Hoxton, east London, 1996
Shane MacGowan Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Nina Hagen and Lena Lovich, 1987
the New Musical Express Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Michael Stipe, Athens, Georgia, 1991
Caroline Image copyright Derek Ridgers
Image caption Damon Albarn, Holborn Studio, Hoxton, east London, 1997

All photographs copyright Derek Ridgers.

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